Saturday, December 15, 2012

English irregular verbs. 1/6

Infinitive (To)Simple pastPast participle
Arise Arose Arisen
Awake Awoke Awoken
Be Was/Were /Been
Bear Bore Borne/Born /
Beat Beat Beaten
Become Became Become
Begin Began Begun
Bend Bent Bent
Bet Bet Bet
Bind Bound Bound
Bid Bid Bid
Bite Bit Bitten
English with songs? Yes, it works!
Bleed Bled Bled
Blow Blew Blown
Break Broke Broken
Breed Bred Bred
Bring Brought Brought
Broadcast Broadcast Broadcast
Build Built Built
Burn Burnt/Burned /Burnt/Burned /
Burst Burst Burst
Buy Bought Bought
Cast Cast Cast


  1. I would like learn all the irregular verbs, but it's very hard for me. Angeles

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  3. Very nice. However, many people believe that they should learn the irregular verbs in context. I have created a post where I try to teach the past tense of the irregular verbs in Context. You can see it at

  4. Very nice. However, many people believe that they should learn the irregular verbs in context. I have created a post where I try to teach the past tense of the irregular verbs in Context. You can see it at

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  10. where I have to click to hear the verb pronunciation? the audio is not working

  11. I want to hear this audio but it doesn´t work!!

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